Worried about Viruses in the Home?

3 years ago

If you turn on the news or go on the internet, as you already know, we are currently dealing with a global health crisis. The coronavirus is like something we have never seen before in our lifetime. Life as we know it has been at a standstill. Businesses have closed, restaurants have closed, sporting events are cancelled and more. For most of us, we are either working from home or not working at all. This means the only time we may leave our home is to go to the grocery store. It’s the only place nowadays where we still can go and risk catching COVID-19. Studies show that it can live for 3 days on some surfaces and stay suspended in the air for half an hour. That is why it may be time to look at some home solutions to air purification systems.

At Home Air Purification Solutions

At Fosters Plumbing Heating & Cooling we care about our family and our family of customers. That is why we want to offer you solutions to help clean the air in your home of any possible contamination of viruses and other germs with services and products we trust.

Air Filters

PremierOne is a manufacturer of air purification products for almost 30 years. The reasons why we prefer PremierOne air filters are:

• Patented UV products that are one of the most powerful in the industry
• 99.9% success rate when it comes to testing each unit during the manufacturing process
• Products are made in North America
• Lifetime warranties
• Low airflow resistance
• Low electrical cost
• Traps germs, bacteria, viruses better than MERV 11 filters, particles down to .01 microns

Whole House Polarized Air Cleaner

There are numerous studies that say the air in the home is more contaminated and harmful to your health than outside. If you think about it, dust, smoke, pollen, odors, gases, bacteria and viruses can all easily come from outside, but stay trapped in your home. Without high quality air filters, you and your family could be harming your health.

Count on Us for Fast, Reliable Heater Repairs

We are available 24 hours a day for all your air purification needs, HVAC repairs, installation and maintenance. We service furnaces, boilers, air conditioners and other components of heating and cooling systems. Our plumbing services complement our work with HVAC equipment. We install and service gas and water lines, repair gas line leaks and maintain all components of these systems.

Don’t delay taking care of your family’s health. Call today!

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