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3 years ago

Here at Fosters Plumbing Heating & Cooling, our residential AC repair service is one of the key factors that make us the top AC repair company in Bucks County. Our goal is to ensure that our customers can stay cool and comfortable inside their homes during the heat of summer. We understand that no one wants to get stuck during a heatwave with an air conditioner that has stopped working. These are some of the key signs to look for that indicate that you need to have one of our air conditioner technicians take a look at your system and perform any needed repairs.

Signs That Point to a Need for AC Repair

  • Your AC Unit Is Putting Out Hot Air – The presence of hot air coming from your vents is a sure sign that you will need AC repair service. Warm air is often related to either a compressor issue or an issue of restricted airflow. In either situation, our team can correct the problem and get your AC unit putting out refreshing, cool air again in no time.
  • You Are Experiencing Frequent Cycles With Your AC Unit – The cooling cycles of your AC unit should be consistent and reliable. If you start noticing that your AC unit is cycling on and off then you should contact our experts to correct the issue so that you can be sure your home will stay cool.
  • Unpleasant Smells Are Coming From Your AC Unit – As the top AC repair company in Bucks County, we also recommend that you get in touch with our team if have started to notice any unpleasant smells coming from your vents. This can be another sign of an AC issue that will require our expert attention. These smells can often be described as musty. It could be that there is an issue related to the growth of bacteria on the coil of your AC unit or there could be mold issues in the ductwork leading to your vents. These issues are a health risk and should be promptly dealt with by our team of residential AC repair experts.

If you notice any of these signs or experience any other issue that prevents your AC unit from being able to effectively cool your home, it is time to give us a call at Fosters Plumbing Heating & Cooling.

Call today! Find out why we have the reputation as the top AC repair company in Bucks County. We are committed to delivering a quick and effective solution for your AC repair needs. Get in touch with our team today by contacting our office by phone or messaging us on our website. We are ready to get your AC unit back on track and keeping your home cool.

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