Signs A Water Heater Needs Repair

3 years ago

Signs A Water Heater Needs Repair

Few components prove more vital to the health and comfort of a home’s or office’s residents than a water heater. This item provides the warm water individuals utilize to cook, wash dishes and clothing and bathe. A failing water heater may not only be inconvenient but could exercise a negative impact upon one’s health and well-being.

Fosters Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, a water heater repair company serving Bucks County, invites our current and potential customers to read the following article providing several signs suggesting a water heater may need repair.

A Limited Supply Of Hot Water

Once a homeowner activates the hot water knob for a sink, bathtub or shower, the water should immediately warm up and remain hot for the duration an individual runs the faucet. If hot water quickly and regularly dissipates, chances are the water heater in question is experiencing some type of malfunction.

Rusty Water

The water emerging from any of a home’s taps should be fresh and clean. The presence of dirty, discolored or rusty water might indicate the water heater is aging, damaged or beginning to develop rust on the inside.

Foul Tasting Water

Healthy water should have any discernible aftertaste. Water that tastes bitter, foul or laden with chemicals could be the result of a water heater filled with sediments. In such instances, the water currently inside the apparatus may need to be flushed and replaced by a water heater repair company serving Bucks County.

Strange Noises

An optimally-functioning water heater should not make any strange noises. Banging, hissing or any other unusual sounds could signal an underlying problem. Moreover, home owners and property managers are encouraged to not ignore loud clanking or whooshing in pipes, drains or sinks. Such occurrences may also indicate underlying systemic trouble.

Outward Signs Of Corrosion

Water heaters that outwardly display rust or any other signs of age or deterioration should be investigated by a plumbing or appliance professional as soon as possible. Obvious aging could indicate the tank or other components could be damaged.


Pooling of water near the heater typically indicates that the unit is leaking. In such cases, a qualified repair professional should be summoned to identify the leak’s source and initiate remedial efforts.

The Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old

All units that have been installed for 10 or more years should receive routine examinations. Granted, some water heaters can last for several decades. However, maintaining such longevity means preventing the occurrence of major issues instead of reacting to such troubles after they have become problematic.

Contacting Us

We encourage our customers to never ignore the preceding issues. Engaging in such behavior could lead to the development of serious damages that might necessitate expensive repairs of possibly even a full replacement. Ergo, as soon as the slightest and earliest signs of water heater trouble commence, we strongly recommend that you contact us.

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