If your home's basement is at risk of flooding, Foster's Plumbing Heating Cooling LLC can install a sump pump for you! Sump pumps are installed to keep the space under a building dry.

If you have plumbing below the main sewer line, a sewage ejector pump may be just what you need! Sewage ejectors sit in the sump basin with the sump pump and ensure that the waste goes back up to the main sewer line, preventing clogs and blockages.

Call us today at 215-249-9900 for more information on our sump pump and sewage ejector installations!


Emergency Backup Sump Pumps

Foster's Plumbing Heating Cooling LLC also offers emergency backup sump pumps to keep your home protected even when your regular sump pump goes down!
We have both battery powered and water source backups so that you can be sure that your basement stays dry even when your sump pump is out of order.

Some of the types of backup sump pumps we have are:

  • Liberty (offers both battery and water source sump pump backups)
  • Guardian (has a water source sump pump backup)
  • Watch Dog (has a battery powered sump pump backup)
  • If there's another sump pump backup option that you'd like to use, let us know!

Whether you want to use one of these sump pump backups or provide your own, we'll be glad to help. Contact us today at 215-249-9900!

Brands We Carry

  • Grundfos
  • Goulds
  • Franklin Electric
  • Well-X-trol
  • And more!

If you have another brand you're wanting to use, or one particular brand you're looking for, contact us today at 215-249-9900 and we will try to get it for you!